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doctor diabloDoctor Diablo Reviews

“A fun supervillain story with lots of heart. Nice adventure, fun characters, a twist or two, and lots of great details. Looking forward to reading more from H.G. Martin.”
- Rob Rogers, Author of Devil's Cape

“Check out this review at Sharp Writer Reviews.”
- by Tami M. Winbush

“Diablo is one of the best books I’ve read this year, and one of the best comic-book-super-hero books I’ve ever read.”
- Peter Latrobe Heyrman, Editor

“Jonathan Blanc, AKA Doctor Diablo, is a rich, arrogant super villain - a mastermind criminal. Highly educated with PhD's in Electrical Engineer- ing and Particle Physics, Doctor Diablo invents a device that allows him to dematerialize, enabling him to pass through any obstacle, even walk on air. The "intangibility field" allows Doctor Diablo and dim-witted henchman, "Phil", to specialize in notorious burglaries.

But burglary isn't easy in San Francisco with invincible super hero, Captain Energetic, interfer- ing with Doctor Diablo's genius plans. To make matters worse, Crusher, a 7-foot, 500-pound genetically strength-enhanced mobster, is on a psychopathic vengeful quest against Doctor Diablo. Crusher wants nothing more than to eliminate the main Bay Area criminal competition and the goody-two-shoes, crime-fighting adversary, even if it means snuffing-out Doctor Diablo's friends, Phil, "Foxgirl" and "Silk Sorceress," or Captain Energetic's twelve-year-old son.

H. G. Martin presents an action-packed fantasy comic without the elaborate artwork. Written in an engaging first-person narrative, "Doctor Diablo" comic heroes and villains are brought to pulsating life. Character powers, costumes and lifestyles are vividly and realistically portrayed, as are engrossing traits and habits. "Good versus evil" and "evil versus evil" are rampant through-out this reader-absorbing first novel by H. G. Martin. Although the beginning of the e-book has directions for "incorporating article function", "linking to chapters" and a "Purchasing Agreement Software License" - all more appropriately suited for reading prior to purchase - they do not overly distract from the anticipation of the beginning read. "Doctor Diablo" is a novel that, to me, should be converted to a screenplay and viewed on big screen. I very highly recommend "Doctor Diablo" to all comic-minded fans.” - Patricia Spork, Reviewer eBook Reviews Weekly

A different type of SF
I have been reading SF for over 50 years and this is a change that I really enjoyed. It's science fiction with a twist and a new angle, this is really ready to be made into a series or a movie, the writing is good and the twists that come are fun to read. H.G.Wells he is not, Yet!!, but he is on his way. If you can get a first edition, keep it, it may become a classic.
- A reader from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho United States

Great Enterntainment.
I really enjoyed reading Dr. Diablo and to be honest I'm not even a big fan of 'fantasy' books. A friend of mine had a copy and I read the first few pages and concluded I liked the style of the author and you could tell he was a good writer. He did a great job describing the characters in the book. I also quite enjoyed the humor in the book. I found myself having a hard time putting the book down at night which is when I typically finally find time to read. It's a very enjoyable book to read that has some real comments on life in it amongst the fun of 'super hero's'.
- KC from Phoenix, AZ United States

I just finished reading your novel, "Doctor Diablo" and loved it!!!. The dialogue is sharp, the plot builds beautifully. It is great to see a book on superheroes done this well. I'm a big fan of hero- pulps and superhero prose. I've read hundreds of them, from The Shadow to Batman, Doc Savage to Buckaroo Banzai. "The superhero with real pro- blems premise has been done really well in several books: The Wild Cards novel series; Count Geiger's Blues, Flyboy Action Figure Comes with Gasmask, Superfolks, Those Who Walk In Darkness. "Doctor Diablo" easily ranks among these titles. I'm hopeful that your upcoming second novel, "The Legacy of the Silver Scorpion", is also a superhero novel. If so, count on this fan to buy his copy the moment it hits the market. Thanks again for your contribution to this area of fiction.
- Chris Yates

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